We built a community center where victims of rape and physical abuse receive counseling, recovery and rebuild self-esteem.


Pink Africa is committed to creating an Women’s Education dedicated to teaching vocational skills. Our vision is the self sufficiency of women.


We tackle the problem of homeless women head on by providing shelter for women victimized and thrown out into the streets.


Pink Africa is committed to educating African males as part of its  strategy to end  violence against women.

Pink Africa is a non profit tax exempt 501(c)3 organization created to actively fight all forms of abuse and neglect against women in Africa. We are made up of several comprehensive programs designed by both African and American individuals to address the needs of African women.

Pink Africa works tirelessly to shed light on the suffering of our African sisters, and to take action to bring real change. African women suffer sexual assault such as rape and genital mutilation. They also suffer from physical and emotional abuse, are victims of oppressive educational and social inequality.

Pink Africa allows the strong voices of women to be raised so that African women can have equal rights. We organize women around the world to join together in prayer, to spread awareness and to take united action related to these issues.